Hiring a Professional to Handle Electrical Renovations in Auckland


Electrical renovations in Auckland are one task a homeowner may choose to take on without calling in the professionals. Under the law, however, certain jobs require the proper authorities be notified. In addition, the homeowner may be required to prove they are competent to do the work. For this reason, many individuals choose to call on a professional and avoid these steps. Following are some reasons why you may wish to do so.

Certification Of The Work

Electrical contractors in Auckland certify any work they perform in a home. When a property owner chooses to move or rent out their residence, they must provide certification for any electrical work done. This certification must be obtained at the time the work is carried out and cannot be certified at a later date. In the event the certification is not provided, the insurance policy on the home will be invalid if a problem with the electrical system arises and damages the home in any way. An electrician in Auckland won’t certify a homeowner’s work either, even if they are called in at the time the work is done, as they don’t want to be held liable in the event something goes wrong.

Increasing The Number Of Outlets Or Upgrading The Wiring

Appliances and other electronic devices tend to be costly. Using extension cords or power strips to provide electricity to these devices can be dangerous. They can overload the system and result in damages to the devices or possibly a fire. With the help of an electrician, a homeowner can add new outlets in the home and ensure they are installed properly to prevent problems in the future and costly repairs or replacement of these appliances and devices. In certain situations, the wiring in the home needs to be upgraded. This often involves replacing the knob and tube or aluminum wiring to meet the demands of modern appliances.

Contact Oryx Electrical (www.oryxelectrical.co.nz) for help with electrical renovations or any project involving the electrical system in your home. This team of skilled and highly qualified electricians can take on any job including fault finding, electrical repairs, re-wiring and more. They offer a no-obligation consultation along with a free quote to ensure the job is done correctly and within your budget. All services are guaranteed, prompt and professional, ensuring you only need one name to call when you require help with your electrical system.


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